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The largest hentai discord server. 


Quick breifing 🗣


#amv-edits - is a channel used to post our discord videos

#partnership-information - General information about becoming a partner with Hentaimemes

#venting - Express yourself to members within the community.

#ecchi - Post perverted anime of sexy chicks or dudes that aren't totally naked.

#nsfw - Share mature content that relates to Anime or IRL here.

#nsfw-alt - This is that one channel that just holds weird shit that other people get of from. Please note: No gore or disturbing images are allowed here. #sauce-finder - Trying to find the sauce? We got you covered just upload it here and we'll get back to you once we find it!.

#anime-polls - We watch Anime as a community here every once in a while. If you want to suggest a anime series or movie to watch just submit your entry here. #roleplay - Like to roleplay? Interact with other members within the community who also roleplay

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We are always growing! You will never be alone here. So come and keep us company.

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Our members are uber active. I swear it feels like a mini war in our general channel sometimes.